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Words will change your life

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Words will change your life

Words will change your life

Iqbal said "The book that God sent To change the world, The nation of Muhammad has moved away from him And his emigration And save it in homes, So that people can read it on the dead " So that people die peacefully, This is not absolutely true, it is not true that live in chaos and die in peace "You live in chaos and you die in chaos" "Your death is in vain like your absurd life" Knowing that the quran is for humans who are alive.

"Live in the sense and The quran is the heart of meaning It is also the origin of the meaning, And will die God willing in meaning " Make yourself a period where you read the Qur'an every day Or start your day by reading the Quran in the morning Do not stay away from the Koran at all And do not forget him because it is a great treasure that people did not know, Try to understand the meanings of the Koran And what God wants us to understand Try to know what God wants to teach us also tried to apply the commands that exist in the Qur'an You then understand that life has a great meaning and is not To eat and drink and sleep and get married only, Believe me, you will feel happy not of this world at all.

motivational words

God Almighty said (We will come to you in word heavy) When you intend to read the Quran you will feel heavy in your heart And in yourself ,The reason is that Satan and sins are the cause of that heavy And also keep away from God, But insist on reading the Holy Quran, And do not make yourself control you , Say I will read the Koran every day, At least a quarter of an hour or half an hour You will find untold happiness and stability in yourself And you will find conciliation From God in your daily life.

Last words uttered by the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him

"O people My appointment with you is not here in this world, But I will be with you on the Day of Resurrection at the basin, I swear by Allah that I do not fear for you poverty, But I fear for you that Allah opens you the world ,Then destroy you as you destroyed the previous people,  O people  Who I took Of his money This is my money , Which I hit his back This is my back, So he Okasha may Allah be pleased with him he said "I, O Messenger of God The Prophet said And what about you, Akasha said: You hit me in my stomach on the day of Badr And  hurt me in my stomach and I want to reprise you " The Prophet said Come and take your right from me Okasha went to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him He kissed the Prophet's belly.

Then the Prophet said

O people, do not leave your prayers at all And do not cut off your wombs , And I recommend you in your women care about your women, O people I am only a mortal like you, Do not think I am God, As Christians think That Jesus is God, Jesus is a normal person, and   human being like us, Not God ,"O people ,Tell peace to all who believe in me And he did not see me until the Day of Resurrection.

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