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the end of the world Description of hell

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the end of the world Description of hell

the end of the world Description of hell

God sent messengers for preaching and warning, They preach  heaven to those who are worshiping God Alone, And he did not associate with God anything In worship And do good deeds And away from taboos, And warnings with great fire For those who disobeyed Allah and spread injustice.

Description of the hell

The human sees fire in his life and uses it every day It may be thought that the torment of hell and its fire resemble the fire of the world Used in his life, But the Prophet peace be upon him He explained the fact of the difference between the fire of the world and the fire of the Hereafter, Where he said in the hadeeth is correct: (The fire of the world Part of seventy part of Seventy part of the fire of hell, it was said: O Messenger of God, that was enough, He said: I preferred them sixty-nine parts, Such as all of its heat).

What's going on in hell?

As for the food and drink of hell, it is Zaqqum and Intimate Where he does not satisfy his food and does not give him anything of his hunger, When he eats he feels thirsty and gives him his intimate If the water reached his face burned by the heat, If a kaafir drank that water (intimate) cut off his limbs, It was said that the drink than the people of Hell as well as pus; A pus that dripped from their skin Vicherbouna to the severity of their need for him, And God describes food and drink people of Hell In several places of the Koran; Including the words of God: (And drink water warm and cut their intestines) And he also said: "They have no food except for the fast. * Do not feed or sing from hunger."

Hell will come on the Day of Resurrection, He will regret every stubborn tyrant, If God ordered hell to come, Come very scary And graduated from them Great heat, The creatures hear the breath of hell and They see the fire, If hell sees the owners of sin I was angry and revolted on them, She will take revenge from the infidels in God, I will avenge those who disbelieve in God.

Therefore you must worship God alone Not associate anything with Him, And it is strange that in the day of judgment people say ,O Allah, Myself myself do not ask you others, That is when people see hell They are afraid  Of which  So that each one wants to save himself only.

A valuable tip for anyone who does not want to enter hell

Man must do good in this life So as not to be surprised by hell in the afterlife, God does not like to bring people into hell  Because he is merciful with slaves, But he loves to enter them in heaven, So if you want to get out of hell You have to obey God, the Creator of all things For it is not worth worship except God alone.

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