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heaven in Islam

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heaven in Islam

heaven in Islam, heaven on the Day of Resurrection


heaven in Islam is the place prepared by God for His righteous servants After the death and resurrection and the account Reward them, it is Affairs The unseen Ie, that the means of science is the quran and Sunnah only. The belief in heaven and its presence is part of the belief in the Last Day Which is one of the six pillars of faith in Islam. Muslims believe that paradise is Dar Naim Is not tainted by a lack of, The mind can not imagine this bliss. God said in the hadeeth al-Qudsi: (Prepared for My righteous servants what no eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor the heart of man), God said (Do not know the same as what is hidden from the grave of the eyes of the penalty of what they do) 

Muslims believe that it was prepared for the faithful Unitarian With good deeds, As for the one who has a corrupt business But he is Muslim It will be tormented in the fire and then brought into Paradise, And from Kafr God, the Paradise is forbidden for him They believe it is full of eyes, rivers, trees and fruits And all enjoy it human, And that they are in a more complete picture they enter And enjoy the fullest bliss, They believe that they are varying degrees According to their good deeds. 

Muslims believe that no one will enter Paradise with his work, Only God's mercy and virtue, It is not a price to work, But work is a reason to enter. The Prophet said: "No one will enter Paradise with His work." They said: And you, O Messenger of God? He said: "No, I do not Except that God will grant me thanks and mercy »

You should teach my dear brother that the earth is not a fun house It is not a court and not a house that has full enjoyment But is a test house for people on their work, God created us to test us on our actions, If the works of man are valid God brought him into heaven If a man works taboo Insert it into hell.

heaven is a reward house for those who have done good deeds And heaven Are homes, If a person enters heaven, God will place him in one of the degrees According to his works The highest degrees of heaven are heaven.

God  commodity  is heaven

The bliss of heaven rests on four things
1. There is no fear for them nor do they grieve: That is, the people of heaven do not feel afraid of the future at all They do not grieve over the past.
2. They have what they want in heaven and there are more: There is a sale and purchase in heaven, The currency traded in heaven is (Glory be to God) That is when you want to buy anything in heaven You say (Glory be to God).
3. Freedom of choice: In heaven there is freedom of choice in everything Where man chooses his wife freely But can choose several wives and not just one.

4. The vision of God: The vision of God Almighty is one of the greatest bliss of heaven ,Naeem does not compete with her at all, Because man sees his Lord. It's great fun.

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