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Why Islam is the Religion of Right?

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Why Islam is the Religion of Right?

Why Islam is the Religion of Right?

It shows us masterly design of the universe On the existence of a creative designer,And when we see the universe with The principles of simple mind We find that the universe has a Creator Great, And if this great Creator sent us messages from Him, It is illogical that these messages are contradictory, But must be identical, Therefore, it is imperative that the religion of these religions is right, The rest of the other religions are invalid, How can we know the right religion among these religions? 

If we consider these religions, we find that they are divided into two parts: 
1. Religions call for the worship of the Creator of the universe 
2. Religions call for the worship of creatures For example, animals and humans and idols 

And sound mind It is judged that worshiping what man has done is void, For example idols, And also judged on what he sees as a creature and helpless It is void For example animals and humans Thus we exclude all the earthly religions. 

And the remaining religions Which calls for the creator of the universe They (Islam and Christianity Jewish and Zoroastrianism)
Let us talk about these religions:
1. Judaism: It is a nationalism religion You can not enter Judaism unless your mother is Jewish, It's finished before the debate In Judaism. 

2. Christianity has a defect in the origin of the idea of unification For they worship the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit Or make Christ is God, It can not be this elaborate universe more than the Creator Because it leads to contradictions and differences between gods And thus the corruption of the universe, As such, God who created the universe can not be weak and crucified And then die, Thus Christianity is excluded from comparison.
Only Islam and Zoroastrianism remained:

Why Islam is the Religion of Right?

Evidence that Islam is the religion of truth

 The superiority of Islam on Zoroastrianism in many points, including: 
1. Islam is a universal message to all people And that the Messenger of Islam is known for honesty and honesty and The Messenger of Zoroastrianism Did not stay from his words and news something with his followers, 

2. And also that the holy texts of Islam Reserved to every detail until the movements and stillness, This is remarkable for its consideration, It's hard to be of the human capacity for a period of 1400 years Without the appreciation of the great Creator.  

3. Imagine Islam from the great Creator ,Consistent and harmonious perception Acceptable to the mind without problems. 

4. That the Koran has no contradictions and mistakes at all As long as we understand the Koran proper understanding,If the Koran was from humans There would be many mistakes in the  quran

5. Islam explains the philosophy of the universe and events In an acceptable, easy and clear manner, There is one God, nothing like Him We must worship Him alone, God sent us human beings To be a practical application before us for his orders, To prove that the commands of God Can be done by humans.

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