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Why does not the Koran cure me?

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Why does not the Koran cure me?  

Why does not the Koran cure me? 

The secret of the treatment of the Koran

When we say the Koranic treatment of a particular disease.... We mean by spiritual therapy, organic treatment And every man as much as his belief in God There is the belief that supplication affects matters of spirituality only There are those who believe that the Qur'an is a cure for every disease.
And with greater certainty..Your veil has risen from your heart
Most people succeed in treating their own spiritual matters Because organic treatment needs special certainty.

How to increase your certainty in God:
Doctors are always looking for a way to eliminate a virus .But if we think a bit about how this virus works,Who drives this virus and knows its way into the cell? Who gave the virus the information stored inside it? And who moves the cells towards this virus and eliminate it? Is it not God who manages the affairs of creation?

The amazing effect of hearing the quran

Repeated hearing of the verses gives the following benefits:
- an increase in the body's immunity.
- Increased creativity.
- You will forget anything related to fear, hesitation or anxiety.
- Ability to make sound decisions.
- Treatment of emotions, anger and speed of recklessness.
- Psychological calm and the treatment of nervous tension.
- Significant change in behavior and ability to deal with others and gain their trust.
- Treatment of chronic and intractable diseases.
- Increased concentration.
- Develop your character and get a stronger personality.
- a cure for many common diseases such as allergies, colds and flu and headaches.
- improved ability to speak speed.
- Prevention of malignant diseases such as cancer and others.

- Change in bad habits such as excessive food and quit smoking.

A great way to treat the quran

I will tell you about a great way Has been the treatment of many people, This method was not made by ordinary man It was made by the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, And if the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him who did this method Know that it is God who told him through revelation, Allaah says (and we come down from the Qur'an, what is healing and mercy for the believers) This Quran does not end its wonders at all, And it has great meanings and great and does not end, The man must be certain that the Qur'an in it the healing, For it is the word of God ,Otherwise it will not be a cure because of the quran, One should not doubt the healing of the Quran For example, to say, May heal me the Koran may not heal me, The patient's heart must not be related to the doctor, Man may be cured of his illness without treating him the Koran, Man may be cured of his illness without treat it him the Koran, But one of the greatest reasons for healing is the treatment of the Koran, And also that your heart is related to God Almighty.

The way

The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) would gather his hands together Then he breathes in them Then he recites Surat Al-Ikhlas Then recite Surat Al-Falaq Then recite Surat al-Nas, Then he scans his body through his hands from head to legs, This is done three times every day before bedtime.

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