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The stages of the Day of Resurrection

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The stages of the Day of Resurrection

The stages of the Day of Resurrection

Day of Resurrection

The Day of Resurrection is a great day and its stages are mentioned in the Holy Quran Without knowing the time of its occurrence, It is the judgment of God Almighty and his knowledge ,which is hidden from others So that The human can work for this day and be prepared for him at any time. 

What are the stages of the Day of Resurrection?

The arrival of the hour

The first phase of the end of life and the beginning of the other day, At this hour God commands Almighty King Almighty Israfel peace be upon him Puffing in pictures,The puff The first And the heavens shall be broken, and the earth shall be broken, and the mountains shall fall, and the stars shall clash The system of the universe is confused and all creatures are frightened by the horrors of the viewer, God commands the king, Esravel, to Puff at the pictures The second puff and all the living creatures perished. This scene comes after the end of the universe and the death of all creatures, 

Baath From the graves

This scene comes after the end of the universe and the death of all creatures, And God commands King Israfil peace be upon him blowing in the pictures Third Puff, And God sends the dead from the graves And gathers all their parts after they dispersed, 


Where the creatures gather (Angels, humans, the Jinn and animals) to account, God crams The creatures are into flat ground Barefoot naked Each creature is busy Bohawwalh, It is a long standing position on people Even sweating them sweat, But God Almighty relieves the faithful slaves And be easy on them. 

Offer and question 

He is standing in the hands of Almighty God, People presents the Lord Then Allaah will ask them about all their deeds and judge them fairly.

Taking books acts

After the presentation ends and the question, Of people who takes his book by his right hand He is the obedient believer who rejoice in his good deeds He prides himself on his actions And from the people who takes his book in his north, he is the infidel Which is sad and resent bad for his work and wishes he did not see her. 

Account and Balance

At this stage begins the calculation of God Almighty And he will teach them what they have done in this world, and their hands will testify against them Their feet, their ears, their eyes, their tongues and all their organs, Then God sets a balance And the good works are placed in the hand and the bad deeds in the other cuff, Of good work weighed his scales and was a survivor, And from Work was bad and his balance was low and he was a loser. 


It is a bridge erected above hell It passes by all the people, True believers pass through it at lightning speed, Without causing them any harm, As for the disbelievers, they can not go beyond it and fall into Hell. 

the Pelvis 

Great place filled with water Which comes from the River Al Kawthar in Paradise, God honors our master Muhammad peace be upon him It irrigates him to the faithful after the fatigue that witnessed the horrors of the Day of Resurrection, And the first to drink it is the prophet Mohammed Then his nation will come and drink from him Except those who deviated from the guidance of our Prophet Muhammad The angels peace be upon them Expel them from the basin,The Holy Prophet also wonders why the angels expelled them They answer him: "You do not know what they have done after you" He says the best prayer and completed the delivery: (crushed crushed for those who are not after me). 

Paradise and fire

The last two stages of the Day of Resurrection Paradise will enter Paradise who believes in God Almighty and fear him and fear his place And good works and away from sin and taboo, Paradise was his eternal place, The fire they are the permanent place of Kfar And the disobedient who disobeyed Allah and his prophets They were doing sin, evil, and sins And the fire was the reward of their works. 

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