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The method of learning and teaching in Islam

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The method of learning and teaching in Islam

The method of learning and teaching in Islam

There is a way to knowledge (Part 1)
The daily practice of Muslims is that they are educated in the teachings of Islam.

Allah ta ^ ala promises reward for doing good works and also for refraining from the bad things for which punishment is otherwise threatened.

It is therefore necessary to actively implement what has been learned in one's own actions, so that benefits can also be gained from knowledge.

Every action can be assigned to a category in Islam.

The Muslims teach each other what is permitted or recommended in Islam, forbidden or disapproved of, inter alia, according to what the Messenger has taught and how the scholars have judged.

The Messenger, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said:

For whom Allah wants good, He instructs in religion.

Truly, knowledge comes through learning, and the knowledge of Fiqh comes through the teachers of Fiqh.

(handed down by Al-Bukhari)

The first part indicates the value and benefits of Islamic knowledge.

Striking is that the good here neither wealth nor reputation meant.

The second part indicates how the good is achieved.

Al-Khatib Al-Baghdadi said unequivocally:

The knowledge is taken only from the mouth of the learned.

There are two major consequences for believers in this statement, especially nowadays:

They need to find out where scholars or students of scholars are, so that they can go to them to learn from them -

especially the individual compulsory knowledge, which must be learned first!

This search process requires a great deal of patience, as scholars today are no longer as numerous as in the first few centuries after the mission of our Prophet, peace and blessings from Allah be upon him.

Be patient with such exams and stick to contacting the knower!

May Allah ta ^ aa raise our Taqwa and protect us from becoming reckless. Amin!

In the past, the godly ones have often traveled far to get the knowledge. Some also traveled to share only one or the other information for their own safety with scholars or righteous Muslims.

Especially nowadays, in this fast-moving time, most people are inclined to neglect often small, sometimes essential things in the performance of their duties:

be it out of ignorance of the correct execution or thoughtlessness, because seemingly short-term personal amenities or benefits tempt.

Man is limited in his abilities and prone to mistakes.

However, it is up to him to draw the consequences of his experience by seeking to improve.

How many attempts every single one has already made is not decisive.

It remains only the time span of this life, in order to send good enough for the hereafter.

With patience, much can be achieved in life, because patience presupposes that there is a goal and that it wants to be achieved before anything else.

This will also avoid bad or useless acts.

Focus your attention on learning Islamic knowledge and be patient in it!

Az-Zuhri, one of the scholars of Tabi ^ in, said:

If you ask for the knowledge at once, you also miss a lot.

(handed down by Al-Khatib Al-Baghdadi)

It is therefore recommended to acquire the knowledge in stages, so that the learned can memorize and time is available for implementation.

This is also in line with the teachings of scholars who have taken care to first learn a base of basic knowledge, i. that everyone who is striving for knowledge receives what they need and can understand based on their level of knowledge.

Only in further steps did they convey deeper knowledge.

O Allah, we ask you: multiply our knowledge so that we can act righteously.

Oh Allah, we ask you: multiply our knowledge, so that we can command the right and forbid the wrong.

Oh Allah, we ask you: multiply our knowledge -

but above all, we ask you: equip us with patience. Amin!
In the afternoon!
Truly, man is in loss.
Except those who believe, do good works, exhort each other to the truth and to one another patience.

(Al- ^ Asr, 01-03)

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