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The effects of sin on the soul

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The effects of sin on the soul

The effects of sin on the soul

  • The cruelty of the heart, And non-awakening and not affected by the encouragement and intimidation, And not affected by the verses and evidence, and reminded Paradise and fire.
  • Denial of access to science, Lack of understanding, and the feeling of extinguishing the light of the heart and certainty. 
  • Occurrence of depression between God and slave, Do not feel the slave near his Lord, He can not ask Allah, Slave does not feel the pleasure of worship never whatever he did. Feeling dark in the heart, The uncertainty and confusion in it and in its decisions and choices.
  • Weakness of the heart, He becomes like a dead person, whose task is only to pump blood into the body, It becomes without feeling. 
  • The demise of the pond in a lifetime, And lack of blessing favors, And the loss of life in the heart anguish and remorse. 
  • Habitual sin, death and the denial of sin, And the manifestation of sin And bragging about them, It becomes easy for the self to do sin, Without feeling remorse, guilt and default, And indifference to the wrath of God. 
  • Humiliation, because sin is a cause of humiliation and submission.
  • Arran and rust and Sealing on the heart, Because of sin, such as the black point, Grow up in the heart, until the heart is black, And it becomes like a bluff, Satan will control the heart and become the author of authority over him. 
  • The disappearance of the heart's jealousy and endowment, The man becomes Diotha, Do not be jealous of his offer and his mahram , And does not revolt to violate the sanctity of God, And does not care about insulting believers, Nor assault on the sanctities, lives, honor and religion. 
  • The demise of modesty, shyness Ulster goes between the slave and his Lord, And between the slave and the people becomes immoral, And it commits sins and professing them. 
  • The demise of self-maximization The divine, And the demise of the dignity of the soul and the heart, And the fall of the prestige, the slave becomes Disregarding him, No one feared, nor revered by anyone. 
  • Feeling depressed and miserable existence, And not feeling never happy, Even if I met the slave All pleasures. Weak vigor, feeling constant laziness, Laxity, and inaction.

Sin is smashing for self

Do not be caught in the trap of sin It is not a shame to make mistakes, we all make mistakes , Every son of Adam is wrong The best is wrong Is repentant Because man is not infallible from error, May someone ask? , This means that sin may be practiced After that I will repent, But be aware that it is God's wisdom to create everything gradually, The pain gradually, the hunger gradually, the thirst gradually, the pleasure gradually, everything gradually, As well as sin gradually, The commission of sin may lead you to commit a great thing, The greatest sin is polytheism in God, And committing sin will not serve your self at all, Are you comfortable when sin is committed? Do you find this serves your personality? You will not see yourself integrated, But you see in yourself deficiency, If small sin breaks your self Know that great sin will destroy yourself greatly, Sin is self-destruction.

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