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Qualities of the Pious

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Qualities of the Pious

Qualities of the Pious

The righteous have qualities and works of their own They have received the effect of happiness in this world and the Hereafter, These qualities are mentioned in the Holy Quran

The belief that the unseen is from God alone.

Spending in the way of Allah and in various ways of good.

Faith in the Book of God and the previous heavenly books.

Full faith and certainty in the Hereafter, The certainty is the absolute knowledge in which there can be no doubt.

Belief in God Almighty. Belief in Resurrection and the Last Day.

Belief in Resurrection and the Last Day.

Belief in the existence of angels.

Faith in all heavenly books.

Faith in prophets and messengers -Blehm prayers and Salam.

Giving money to the near-human, orphan, and needy, The traveler, the liquid, and the release of the necks.

The establishment of the five obligatory prayers.

Giving zakaah as God commanded

Fulfill the Covenant of God Almighty.

Patience in the calamities and adversities such as poverty, Disease, and time of fighting enemies.

Honesty in words, deeds, and situations.

Beautiful features

Those who followed those acts and committed themselves to them, Their faith must be ratified; Their actions are those who believe their faith, They are successful; Because they avoided the taboos and did the duties;And because these things all include all the attributes of goodness, Because the fulfillment of the Covenant God alone enters the whole religion, And who did these acts and qualities, These are the righteous honest pious, He who believes in God and who was righteous and worked with these qualities has received great guidance, And to be one of the successful winners in the world and the Hereafter.

Devoutness It is minutes things from deeds ,Which God loves in the slave Which every human being must be characterized by, Because it raises the degrees of the slave to God, Says Mohammed Abu Hatem al-Warraq Which was helping Imam al-Bukhari in writing books "Imam Bukhari was sitting in the mosque, Muhammad Abu Hatem al-Warraq noticed Imam al-Bukhari while he was looking at a corner in the mosque, After a brief period, Imam Bukhari he got up, And picked up stones that were in that corner Which he was looking forward to And put it in his pocket " Because Imam Bukhari was afraid of showing off.

The scholars said about the pious as well "Let Which Not bad, Cautious From the bad" Example : There is a deep river that has a slippery beach There is someone who does not swim well , If that person walked Away from the slippery beach It will not hurt him ,But if walked on the slippery beach There is a possibility that his foot will slip Fall into the river, As well as pious To move away from things that may lead you to perdition.

Characteristics of Muslim women
Muslim women are the mentors of generations, She is a mother, a sister, a wife and a daughter In order to be a Muslim woman to the fullest They must show the beautiful qualities By following the personalities mentioned in the quran and Sunnah Such as Maryam, Asia, Khadija, Fatima and Aisha God bless them and others of righteous women To follow the righteous is important To analyze fine qualities, One of the beautiful qualities is the piety of God And perform the duties of God in the right of husband and parents and children, Patience, They are steadfast in obedience to God And patience for disobedience to God And steadfastness on the fate of God Almighty  As well as sacrifice her sleep and rest in order to Her husband and her children Often sacrifice their own money For her house So please the face of God, And high motivation, If the work of the mirror and the work of men were compared, We find women's work more than men's The tranquility and care of the house and prepared food And the care of children from the tasks of women, And modesty is one of the most beautiful qualities that adorn women She also appoints her husband to obey Allaah, And obey him In non What Allaah has forbidden So that family stability is achieved.

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