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Marriage in Islam

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Marriage in Islam

Marriage in Islam

I meant this topic To give details about the relationship between the spouses According to Islamic law The husband and wife must obey their Lord As stated in the Koran and Sunnah The Muslim couple does not look at the traditions of infidels Which lead to divorce and destruction of homes ,And amazing in this matter That the couple when they are based sexual relationship The way God loves "halal" The couple receive the reward from God Although they satisfy the instincts, They also enjoy psychological comfort And happiness in the world and the hereafter.

the marriage

1. The couple must begin to the doaa Incoming From the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) (O God, keep Satan away from us And make Satan away from what has been provided to us) Before a sexual relationship, And if God gave them a birth The devil does not harm the child at all.

2. The couple must pay attention Islam has made everything halal in the sexual relationship Except for the rear Or to marry his wife in the period of menstruation.

3. A man may If he wants to Repeats sexual relationship To do wudoo 'for prayer and then Repeats intercourse.

4. permissible for a man to touch and kiss his wife In the period of menstruation But does not evaluate the sexual relationship, Which he works with his wife and everything, With the exception of the sexual relationship.

5. men must be compassionate with his wife And emotionally with her Especially in the period of menstruation He refrains from harming his wife and Clutching his lust, Until his wife heals the disease The Prophet, peace be upon him said (The best of the best to his family I am good for my family).

6. Sexual intercourse leads to janaabah By the couple They must To be washed and purified Women must do likewise To be washed after the completion of menstruation and puerperal Because that prevents her from performing some acts of worship.

7. Women should not To refrain from her husband's request If requested in a sexual relationship without an acceptable excuse In return, a man must give his wife the right to have sexual relations.

The purpose of marriage In Islam

• Satisfying God Almighty.
• Building an Islamic family that upholds the principles of Islam.
• to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet, peace be upon him.
• Maintain birth control and reproduction.
• self-immunized from falling into haraam (outrageous).
• Psychological stability in the family.
• Regularity of offspring and the absence of mixing in the offspring.
• enjoyment of offspring.

 Advice for anyone who is about to get married

 Things are taken lightly , The Woman, girl or wife Will go out of the house in which dignity accustomed, The husband should To be more compensated for what it I lost it, the woman when she feels her husband's virginity Related to him more It is often the case that if she sees the dignity of her husband She is more concerned with him and she loves her husband more than that The man calls his Lord and says Oh God, Zinni in her eyes And adorned in my eyes, And Zinha in my eyes, If both spouses love each other Everything will be easy and easy Life is not without difficulties and problems But the couple must improve the connection with God Almighty And the good intention in the house, so that God compose between the spouses.

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