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Love before marriage in Islam

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Love before marriage in Islam

Love before marriage in Islam

Love is feeling and  the meanings make  of human happy The finest kind of love is love in God, Love in God is a doctrine that must settle in our minds, But in our theme this We will talk, God willing About love between men and women before marriage, Love is a feeling, God Put it in the heart of man The direction of a certain person, It is not the choice of man, You find a man who loves a woman Or woman loves a man, This love is not held accountable by man As long as this love remains in the heart, But if love show to deeds Here is divided into two parts:
   If love appears in halal  In the sense that the man asked to marry a woman Or marry her, If it appears in halaal ,God will give him a reward.
   If this love appears in haraam In other words, the man established a relationship with the woman And he does not marry her, then he is guilty of this act, He committed a sin.

The relationship before marriage

Lead the relationship before marriage to the consequences, including:
   If a man marries a woman ,They had a relationship before their marriage This leads to mistrust between spouses So that the man doubts the woman It may work another relationship with another man As I did with him before ,vice versa , So the couple must Not to establish a relationship before marriage.
  May lead the relationship before marriage To commit adultery This work does not love God at all.


It is better to be married for love Because it will most likely be a successful marriage, But without a relationship that God does not like,  Because as we talked about the relationship before marriage Vandalizing houses, Which are destroying homes If you love someone and wish to be yours in marriage, Then you have to the du'aa, Because the du'aa 'is loved by Allaah, If this person is yours God has responded to your supplication, If this person is not yours,  know that it is good for you, God will give you the reward of supplication.

Love is not just a feeling but a behavior, If the behavior is preceded by will, Means choice (I who chose this route, I who chose this woman, He did not impose it Ali anyone) So I must go to strengthen my choice.

How did the Prophet love his wife?

The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) loved his wife Khadija a lot In the late-old did not forget Khadija, Aisha was jealous of Khadija although she died, Asked the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him from the people you love? He replied, "Aisha" But he is true love.

A love story ended in disaster

There was a girl in a relationship with a young man, They were in dating, So the young man took the girl from the most expensive possessions which her virginity,  She was asking him, When will we get married? He would answer that he would marry her after a while, This was his answer to every question Because the purpose of this relationship satisfies his desire only, So the girl felt bored, I asked him to separation and wanted to give it up because she knew that he wanted to satisfy his desires only, So it is threatening to publish images, She said to him do what you want, So the young man published pictures, The disaster was that the girl's father saw her pictures He was very angry, The girl fled from the house and went to that young man She killed the young man Then she surrendered herself to the police.

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