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Conclusive evidence of the existence of God

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Conclusive evidence of the existence of God

Conclusive evidence of the existence of God

There are some suspicions offered by non-believers in Islam For those who believe in God and the oneness of God In order to confuse the thoughts of believers in God alone, The believers must provide knowledge For there to be a pure and unquestioning faith And do not take false suspicions.

There are many, very, very conclusive evidence of the existence of God, But what prevents non-believers in God on faith Is the arrogance of the soul and the failure to surrender to the commands of God Although it is not in the interest of the infidel, For if a man disobeys God's commands He will find a great punishment can not afford at all, For this I you are placed in this topic Some answers to suspicions Which saye her non-believers in God In the right of God.

the god argument

This universe is very large and vast Which has a radius of 90 billion light-years One of the greatest proofs of the existence of God Especially as it is governed by high-resolution laws Mathematics can reveal them There is no error, It's really amazing and terrifying, I want to ask a question: how do you explain this?

Those who do not believe in God say that the universe has no beginning And that the universe is eternal, But there is no proof that the universe is eternal It is also against science, So that cosmology proved that the universe had a beginning Through the theory of the Big Bang.

Question : How did humans come to this world? 

Answer: by evolution, If the presence of humans by evolution Why did not humans reach the height of evolution? There was no shortage of people And we will find perfection in human beings since the time, So that they do not die They do not sleep And they shall not lie And do not reach the stage of disability ... etc. Oh God, guide them and open their hearts, Lord of the worlds.

Similarly, the evidence of the existence of God is: "Phenomena of fine-tuning in the universe" It is that the universe is set to standard 1 ÷ 10 × 60, If this criterion increases or decreases slightly The universe fades and there will be no life at all, The Koran proved that.

Said ivan  Dostoyevsky "If God does not exist, everything is permissible" So that if there is no god There was no guarantee.

My Muslim brother

I want: to rest assured in your heart I want you to know that the Islamic religion is the right religion There is no true religion except for the Islamic religion So that modern science And discoveries confirmed by scientists In any field is completely identical to what he said Islam And that the Islamic religion Is also identical to the human nature of man and his mind It can not be the human mind rejects what he said Islam.

 God Almighty does not need faith, But we who need this faith, For He created us to worship Him  and We do not share anything with him If we disobey him, we will pay dearly.

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