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Benefits of hearing the Holy quran

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Benefits of hearing the Holy quran

Hear the Holy Quran

he Holy Quran can be defined as the Word of God Almighty, Was saved from the switch and change, He revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, By Jibril, peace be upon him; To warn people,In addition, it contains the curriculum of life that a person must adhere to; To survive in the afterlife, The truth is that the Koran last heavenly books,

Hearing the recitation of the Quran has a great impact on understanding its meaning, In addition to the righteous and advances are accustomed to hearing; Because of the many benefits, including:

Hearing the Quran is a reason for guidance ,Description the Koran who listen to the Koran that they have the minds of a healthy adult; So they follow the best say, The best say is the words of God Almighty, Then the words of his Prophet peaceأ be upon him, In addition to that God promised them guidance For best words, deeds and ethics, Where the Almighty said: (Fbshr slaves * who listen to the word and follow the best Those who guided them to God and those are the Ulu minds),

Hear the Koran cause eye crying, And reverence: As happened when the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - Abdullah bin Masood to read the Koran, He said: (Read on me, he said: I said: I read you and you download the Koran? He said: I desire to hear from others, He said: I recited Surah Al-Nisa ' Even if you reach "how come if we came from each nation martyr and we brought you to these martyrs" He said to me: Stop, or hold, I saw his eyes shed tears) And crying when hearing the words of God Was not confined to the Prophet - peace be upon him alone, But it was in all of the prophets, Where their hearts are subject and are affected by the remembrance of Allah, Then their eyes are overflowing with tears,

Hearing the Quran is a reason for the mercy of God: Where Allah is merciful to the listener of the Quran If he meets the conditions of hearing, It can be said that the mercy of God that includes the listener of the Koran will be in the world and the Hereafter. 

Listen to the Quran, worship: Just as the Holy Quran is a cult, And the hearing is also worship.

Benefits of hearing the Holy quran

Hearing the Quran before bedtime is important to many people, Especially Muslims; Because of its many benefits in our lives, These benefits include: 

  1. stimulates creativity in human affairs Alehiath, And it is increasing its ability to focus In various subjects and events Which you get with him at any time, And innovate everything that is new. 
  2. It protects and treats human from many diseases Which may infect us as a cold, Colds, headaches, As well as chronic diseases Such as cancer and many more. 
  3. play an important and significant role in the refinement of self, Change behavior while addressing others, This helps to get people's confidence in him, And the strengthening of relations and consolidation. 
  4. Human feel psychological comfort, And relieve the effects of neurological tensions Which occur due to various work pressures, It also removes the effects of anxiety, hesitation, and fear. 
  5. increase the ability to control the mind, With his emotions, And removes cases of recklessness, Thus helping to make good decisions in our lives Which eventually lead to comfort. 
  6. Increase personal strength Which means the human confidence in his abilities, And its potential to overcome the ordeals it is going through, And reach its goals by looking for.
  7. And reach its goals by looking for, The speed of speech without stammering, In addition to scrutinizing the eloquence of his words, And manage his verses that have many meanings. 

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